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Plastic Cow Games (@plasticcowgames) is a one-man game developer based in the North East of England. It was formed in 2004 by Simon Taylor when he decided he'd had enough of working for "the man" and it was high time he started working for himself! Originally making games in J2ME for mobile phones, he now makes mobile and PC games using the Unity game engine.
Over the years Plastic Cow Games has released a number of titles, worked with a number of clients to create exciting mobile games and has met some fantastic developers along the way.

Smash Dungeon is the first title to be released on STEAM by Plastic Cow Games!

Creating games since 2004



Action RPG | PC (STEAM)

With a smattering of Smash TV, a splash of Gauntlet and a hint of Binding of Isaac, Smash Dungeon is an intense, dark, low poly, action rpg in which you must fight your way through the procedurally generated dungeons.

MTB Downhill: Canyon

Action | Andriod

Get ready for an off-road adventure in MTB Downhill: Canyon a thrilling 3D physics-based downhill MTB game. Speed through the Canyon controlling your MTB in sharp turns, steep slopes, and off-roadracing tracks.


Action | iOS

When he's not farming Jesse likes nothing more than tinkering with his homemade Jetpack. Help Jesse and friends get as far as possible flying through farms, towns and rivers collecting fuel and coins along the way to help improve his jetpack.


Action | iOS

An avian invasion has taken place all across the world and birds everywhere are attacking cute little pigs for no reason. Use your eggceptional sword skills to slice your way through these flocking feathery assassins and put an end to their fowl game.


Racing | iOS

Race across the terrain in this awesome physics based motocross game. Perform jumps, wheelies, back flips, front flips, and stoppies as you race towards the finish line to get the fastest time.